UX Research, Visual & Brand Design

Worked alongside a stellar team of senior designers, chefs, product managers, and operations specialists to help make plant based eating an accessible, convenient, and appealing option.

Qualitative Research

Led pilot UX research to uncover strategic insights, with support from product managers and senior designers. Established a cadence for human centered qualitative research as well as product testing. Led design synthesis workshops that made use of the diverse perspectives at the company. Presented findings to stakeholders and company leadership.

Product Design

Redesigned flagship product labels, working alongside the operations team, culinary production team, and product team to ensure a clean visual design, increased automation, and a reduction of ink waste by around 30%.

Visual + Brand Design

Helped launch an impactful brand campaign around a sustainable, local ethos of responsible sourcing dubbed "The Makers" campaign (

Performance Marketing

Furthered Thistle's brand reach through performance marketing campaigns that touched thousands of existing users and pushed customer retention. Created visuals for leads acquisition campaigns. Sent critical messages around food safety issues to ensure corporate responsibility.